Saturday, March 20, 2010

Seafood Solutions

Do you have expensive taste but do not want to pay for it? Giovanni’s Fresh Fish Market and Galley has the answer for you. We understand that it is not always the easiest thing to dine well on a budget. We are here to help you. Our impeccable services are willing to provide you with the meal of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Wanting to impress your boss, girlfriend, or in-laws? Giovanni’s fish market understands that first impressions are kind of a big deal. Our aim is to cater to your event in a classy, yet inexpensive manner. Who does not want the class and style of an elegant seafood meal without the cost of one? We make it super easy to order. Are you the last minute kind of planner? No problem. We will bring you what you want overnight and anywhere in the USA! Just give us a call and we will deliver on time, every time. It is our guarantee. Let us know how you want it prepared and that is exactly how we will serve it to you. Now that is easy planning.

Our specials include fresh salmon, wild salmon, fresh halibut, king crab legs, abalone, jumbo shrimp, and shellfish. We even carry caviar for those of you really wanting to classy up a meal. One of our prized pieces is our Australian Lobster with colossal tails. It is guaranteed to knock the socks off of anyone you are trying to impress. Do not be fooled by the expensive names either. Not only are we committed to a speedy, yet gourmet, overnight delivery, our prices are affordable as well! We also offer coupons and weekly discounts for additional savings. We take pride in our cheap seafood. Mainly because we know it is not cheaply made. We want to make your dining experience, whether near or far, as comfortable as it is delicious. Are you a Do-It-Yourself type of person? Our website offers tons of recipes for you to whip up something quick. If you do not want to take our words for it then take a look at our testimonials. You are sure to find rave reviews about our quality, quantity, and service. Our website provides a gallery of photos so the ordering process is made easier on you. So next time you are planning that big, extravagant, event then look us up. We are happy to serve.

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