Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ten Top Reasons for Eating Fresh Salmon

10.   Salmon’s availability is assured!  You can find fresh salmon whenever you want it. You can buy salmon any day of the year.  For the best fresh salmon, order on line and get it overnight anywhere in the U.S. 

9.    Great recipes for salmon abound.  Salmon’s taste and cooking properties make it popular with chefs across the globe.  For example, you can go Asian and grill some fresh salmon steaks with teriyaki.  Or you may opt to serve something more tropical, like baked salmon fillets with a mango chili salsa.  For ideas from appetizers to main dishes and soups, see the Salmon Recipe Collection by Lynn Salmon (yup, that’s her name!). 

8    Salmon is so adaptable!  You can use various cooking methods for your salmon, which you can cook whole, as steaks, or as fillets.  Grill it, bake it, flake it, or kebab it.  You can buy salmon already prepared or do it yourself just the way you like it.

7.    Salmon is great value for the money.  Compared to beef or pork, salmon, as with other fish, offer incredible food value per dollar.  Waste is minimal (as is clean up, which is another benefit!).

6.    Salmon is beautiful!  The rosy pink hues of salmon stimulate the eye and the appetite.  When you want to make a gorgeous presentation, accentuate the gorgeous color of the salmon by choosing side dishes and plates that create a festival of colors.

5.  Salmon is good for you.  Of course you already knew this!  When you eat salmon, you are enjoying a delicious source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals.  (And you don’t need to tell the kids!)

4.  Salmon can help you think better. One of the most noted benefits of salmon is its highly unsaturated oils called omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.  Among the health benefits of a diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids are improved ability to concentrate.
3.  Salmon can help you feel better.  The Omega 3s have also been shown to help relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis.
2.  Salmon might even help you live longer.  Those Omega 3 fats are thought to help keep the heart healthy by lowering the likelihood of blood clots and improve blood flow.  It’s not surprising so many physicians recommend that we eat more fish!
1.         Salmon tastes terrific!  So many times the best tasting foods are the ones we should avoid--but not in the case of salmon!  You can enjoy your fresh salmon totally guilt free.  Plus you can serve salmon knowing that everyone will love it.  So relax and enjoy your salmon!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Dungeness Crab and Artichokes: Unbeatable Dip Duo

dungeness crabIf you are looking for a luscious dip for the office potluck or even a romantic dinner for two, try either (or both!) of these well tested recipes using fresh Dungeness crab and artichoke hearts.

These fabulous crustaceans from the waters of the Pacific get a “sustainable” rating from Seafood Watch, so you can indulge to your heart’s content. The earthy taste of artichokes is a perfect foil for the sweet taste of fresh Dungeness crab, especially when melded in a creamy cheese base.

Hot Dungeness – Artichoke Dip

 For the luxurious blend of artichokes and Dungeness crab, you’ll never go wrong with this easy crockpot recipe. Mix in a medium size bowl these ingredients:

  • 1 cup of cooked Dungeness crab meat
  • 14 ounces artichoke heart quarters, drained and chopped
  • 8 ounces cream cheese, cubed
  • 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • 1/4 cup sliced green onion
  • 4 teaspoons lemon juice
Pour ingredients into a well-oiled 2-1/2 quart crockpot (non-stick cooking spray works great). Cover; cook on low for 60 minutes or on high for 30 minutes. Stir the mixture until the cheese is smooth. Turn crockpot to low, then put on serving table (watch the cord, please). Serve with pita wedges or your favorite crackers.

Baked Spicy Dungeness Crab and Artichoke Dip with Crostini

When you want to create a special presentation, try this baked fresh Dungeness crab dip. Get your fresh crabmeat from your favorite seafood market and grab a crusty baguette from the French bakery and enjoy! This recipe makes approximately one cup—and it can be doubled easily.

Prepare the dip by mixing the following well in a medium bowl:
  • 3 ounces cream cheese, softened
  • 2 tablespoons sour cream
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • 4 ounces fresh Dungeness crabmeat
  • 1 tablespoon parmesan cheese, fresh and grated finely
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon sea salt (or regular salt)

Lightly butter two half-cup ramekins and fill with the crab mixture. (Tip: Do this in advance, then refrigerate until ready to bake so that it is served hot.) Bake in preheated 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes, until bubbly and beginning to brown. Serve on plate with pate knife and a host of crostini slices.

More recipes: When you are ready for more Dungeness crab recipes, check out this site from the Pacific Northwest, where they know crab! Also keep in mind that you can buy fresh lobster or pre-cooked.

Do-It-Yourself Crostini: Making your own crostini is simple. Slice a baguette thinly on an angle, brush with melted butter, sprinkle with fresh ground pepper, and toast lightly both sides. You can substitute other toast or crackers as desired.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fresh isn’t Frozen

When you live in the middle of the country, as far away from the ocean as you can get on all sides, getting fresh seafood is rare and extremely expensive. My husband, however, knows that my favorite seafood of all times is king crab legs but living where we do makes it quite difficult to have them except for maybe once a year. That was before he found an online site where he can order fresh seafood and have it delivered the next day. He was very surprised to find that the prices work out to be less than what we pay at a restaurant for the same meal.

He has made it a point to order either the king or fresh Dungeness crab at least once a month. We used to have a fancy date night once a month where we would go out and eat and then to a show. Now we stay at home and have fresh seafood and rent a movie. We figured the cost and found that we are actually saving money by staying home and ordering the seafood in rather than going out for the night.

We enjoy the crab but we also like the salmon fillet just as much. Most of the time we will order a fillet to throw on the grill to have as an appetizer before the crab is done. We’ve also gotten shrimp, clams, and scallops; all of these have been excellent and very fresh. Nothing we’ve ever gotten has been frozen. That’s why I don’t ever buy seafood from the supermarket; they always freeze it which takes away from the taste. Fresh is certainly better and I can tell you, I have never been disappointed.

We decided a few months ago to forego our monthly seafood date and start saving for a dinner party for several of our family and friends. We picked a day in the summer and planned it to be a beach party. It will be like an old fashioned clam bake complete with king crab legs, lobster, shrimp, and much, much more. We called and talked to the company and asked if they would be able to deliver on a Saturday and they said they would. The guarantee next day delivery so I feel quite confident I will be ok to have the order delivered the day of the party. It doesn’t get much fresher than that unless you are catching it yourself.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

King Crab Legs -- The Perfect Gift

What do you get somebody who has everything? This was the question I asked myself when it came time to get my parent’s Christmas or birthday gifts; they have everything they need and most everything they want. That’s when I started giving them fresh seafood as gifts and I can promise you it makes them very happy. For their anniversary this year I had king crab legs sent to them, along with a nice bottle of wine. They got a great deal of enjoyment out of it and were very thankful.

My parents grew up near the ocean. Now that they live in Kentucky fresh seafood is rare and it’s been quite a while since my parents have been able to enjoy fresh seafood. Once I found the perfect online site to send fresh seafood I never have to worry about what to get them for special occasions. The king crab legs I sent for their anniversary was as fresh as if my dad had caught it himself.

Both my parents have birthdays in May so this year my brothers and I went together to provide a huge feast for not only my parents but for the whole family. We ordered a variety of seafood such as clams, oysters, shrimp, and king crab legs. It was an amazing dinner and one I hope to repeat next year, if not sooner. Everything we ordered came to us fresh and useable. I was a bit worried about the oysters but none of them were spoiled and they tasted as fresh as if we bought them off the dock.

It’s often difficult to find quality seafood at prices that don’t take a second mortgage on your house. To find the best place to order from you really have to do a lot of research and then talk to the places personally by phone. If they don’t have a number you can call them at I don’t suggest you order from them. It’s important to find out if they guarantee their orders. What I mean is if you order fresh dungeness crab it should arrive fresh and if it doesn't they should offer your money back. Sometimes delays happen but when you are talking about fresh seafood, delays are disaster. Where I get my seafood from, they guarantee fresh delivery no matter what the reason.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fresh Seafood is a Click Away

Planning a party for that special event can be very time consuming. People are always looking for ways to pull off a great party for their guests without spending a lot of time doing so. One time saving tip is to buy seafood online. After all, how many people can say that they had fresh salmon delivered to their door with just the click of a mouse?

Many local grocery stores carry seafood, but many of us are limited to shrimp, crab and a few different types of fish such as salmon fillets for sale. Not to mention, we are usually not sure how fresh the seafood is. This not only compromises the quality of seafood that one wants to serve to guests, it also can affect the taste of a dish. People that usually ran into this dilemma quite frequently were those that live in landlocked states.

One of my favorite things to order for a party online is the King Crab Legs. These are always a big hit with guests. They are easy to prepare for a crowd of hungry dinner guests and taste wonderful. The legs are huge and full of chunks of sweet crab meat. King Crab Legs are always a big hit no matter if they are served as an appetizer or as the main course.

Many are skeptical at first about ordering salmon online for instance. Not to worry, this rich tasting fish is always delivered fresh and straight to your door within 24 hours. Not even many grocery stores can say that when you buy salmon from them.

Buying fresh seafood online is not only for parties or special occasions. Many of us love the fact that we can have fresh lobster tails shipped at the click of a button for any day of the week. This is not only time saving, it is the only way that you can buy fresh lobster without fishing for it yourself.

No matter if you are looking for fresh dungeness crab or fresh king salmon, one is sure to find the perfect seafood. So instead of serving frozen seafood to your party guest, give fresh seafood a try and wait for all the complements.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fresh King Crab Legs

If you are a seafood lover and have never had fresh King Crab Legs, you are in for a tasty treat. These are not your typical skinny little crab legs that you find in most seafood restaurants or at a party. Ladies and gentlemen these are the real thing. They are full of huge pieces of sweet succulent crab meat and with a little effort can be easily obtained, even in landlocked areas of the United States through Giovanni’s Fish Market online.

Living most of my life in Washington State, these leggy beauties were a common site served at parties or just a simple dinner main course. When I was transferred to Nebraska a few months ago trying to find fresh seafood was like looking for a needle in a haystack as I quickly found out. When looking for fresh King Crab Legs at the local supermarket I was told the only crab they carried were the small crabs. So, I thought the crabs would at least be fresh dungeness crab -- unfortunately they were not. This was not the type of crab I wanted to serve at my next dinner party, especially to my boss and coworkers.

After my husband reminded me that I could still get fresh seafood delivered from this site right to my home, I quickly placed an order. It was great that the seafood was shipped within 24 hours and I knew it was fresh. I could not wait to serve the King Crab Legs and fresh salmon that we were so accustom to having on a weekly basis when we lived in Washington State.

The dinner party was a big success with all the seafood we served. We received so many compliments and my boss was especially pleased with the salmon fillets. With the high quality of the seafood that we served all of our guests, they all wanted to know when we would be hosting another seafood dinner party.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Add Seafood to your Diet Overnight

The center of the United States has its perks. They are close to a lot of America without having to travel far, and they are not in any danger zones for mud slides, hurricanes, or tsunamis. The one thing that they cannot offer is fresh seafood. That is where Giovanni’s Fish Market & Galley come in! We are here to provide those parts of the United States with the fresh seafood they crave, but have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for to get when not in season. Giovanni’s Fish Market & Galley has been voted “Best Place to Buy Seafood” year after year. We turn to our community and customers for their opinions that way we can improve based on your wants and needs. We have been a family owned business in Morrow Bay for over 25 years so we must be doing something right.

Our motto is “Expect the Best”. We deliver all over the United States by the NEXT DAY! You are guaranteed fresh seafood that you choose. 99 percent of our seafood is delivered fresh so we do not freeze it. We have tons of combinations to choose from. A few of our orders include: fresh salmon, king crab legs, fresh lobster, halibut, and much, much more. A customer favorite is our Super Colossal Australian Lobster Tail. It is a whopping 24oz. If you are not sold on our product yet then please check out our customer testimonials. You get to hear straight from our customers about our products, customer service, and quality of service.

Delivery is not all that we do. Local folks or tourists are welcome to come in and dine with us. We offer discounts and coupons on our website so be sure to check those out before you order anything! We also offer a full menu on the website. We want to give you a craving for our food before you ever step through our doors.

Eating fish is also healthy for you. It is not just good for your taste buds. It is a proven fact that eating fish twice a day can cut down on 50 percent chances of a heart attack occurring. Eating fish is way better than eating any poultry or beef. The vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that fish contain compare to no other foods on the market. For those of you wanting to order you can find all of our policies, prices, and delivery options on our website.